Family shopping

Was at the local Sainsbury’s on Saturday. The shop was full of people and quite many of them where young students and their parents putting all kinds of food into their baskets.


Team vs Individuals

A group, in which individuals focus more on their own personal goals, don’t respect each other or aren’t moral, won’t succeed as well as a team in which individuals focus on team goals, have respect towards each other and are moral.


I did my TOEFL iBT test and it went better than I expected. It had four parts – reading, listening, speaking and writing. I’m capable of performing even better but in the end the result suits me very well, no problems at all.


I enjoy dynamics, moving from one to the other. Today, I confirmed that I’ll be volunteering for an organization in my home town. We discussed the schedule from August to November and it looks exciting. I’ll let you know how, where and in what activities I’ll be volunteering as soon as I receive a specific result. Before that, I’ll keep it low.

Do you volunteer?


Today I finished HTML exercises in Web Fundamentals and I started with CSS. For me, at the moment, the experience of coding itself is important, so I won’t try to memorize all that I’ve learned because there’s still a lot to do. Understanding and logic of coding will come with time. But I’m fascinated to see what’s behind the web.

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