Guy Kawasaki

I’m sharing this video as an intro to Guy Kawasaki and perhaps after that you’ll feel hungry for more. In the following video, host Chris Gill talks with Guy, who used to work in Apple, about entrepreneurship.

Usually, Guy talks to big crowds. But I chose this one because it’s shorter, simple, more intimate, and an easygoing, intelligent conversation.

Enjoy it and share your thoughts.


Sharing economy

People buy and buy products from providers. In the future, it’s possible that people will buy a product from a provider, and then share it with others.

Seems logical. The overall population is increasing, resources are not endless and the current model will not survive in the long run.

Here’s a link to Jeremiah Owyang’s analysis.

The MIT Technology Review Mobile Summit 2013, San Francisco

Wow! The world is changing in front of our own eyes. Innovation is in full speed. Everything that is old will be made new, in order to meet the needs of our time.

Great changes have happened before as well, for example during the 1960s, or 90s, but these were led by artists, musicians etc. Now, it’s different. Change is led by entrepreneurs, IT and tech specialists.

It’s truly a time of great creativity. Check out their webpage and videos.

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